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“Help us achieve zero deaths from melanoma – a goal we believe we can reach this decade.”
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Could fund super frost slides, used under the microscope to further understand melanoma – enabling personalised treatments.
Could help fund pioneering research – where one of our researchers could make a major discovery or breakthrough.
Could help educate schools, companies and community groups about sun-safety and increase their awareness of melanoma.
Could enable a Clinical Nurse Consultant to provide support to advanced melanoma patients.
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We won’t stop until we achieve our mission of zero deaths from melanoma

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We’ve helped thousands of people find hope

We’ve made significant progress over the last few years, but still one Australian dies from melanoma every five hours.

We need your help today to fund the next advances in life saving research, trials, and treatment that we know will not only save lives but help families of patients hold on to their loved ones.

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Melanoma destroys families every year, but with your help, we will save lives. Your donation goes a long way towards a future free from melanoma.
When you donate, you’ll not only save on tax this year, but also help save lives by funding world leading research to find a cure.
Whatever amount you can donate, will make a key difference to the fight. Please click on the button below and make a donation today.
Meet our Medical Directors

Two of the world’s best minds in melanoma oversee the academic and clinical leadership of Melanoma Institute Australia.

Professor Georgina Long and Professor Richard Scolyer are the Conjoint Medical Directors of MIA, and are changing the face of melanoma diagnosis and treatment in Australia and around the world.

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Help fund our vital research today
We desperately need your help to save more lives this year. Donate now and get a 100% tax deduction for every dollar you donate.

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